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My name is Trinh Le, and I am a Cognitive Process Transformation Consultant at IBM Global Business Services. I hold two degrees in Information Science (Master's and Bachelor's) from Cornell University with a concentration in User Experience.

Pre - IBM work history: Research Assistant in Robotics, Ubiquitous Computing, and Intercultural Communication labs at Cornell Information Science, Lead Student UX Researcher at Yahoo Inc., and Graduate Teaching Assistant for graduate-level course Human-Computer Interaction.

**Fun fact: I was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.



Ideation, Research, Conceptual Models, Developing Personas


Wireframes, Prototyping, User-Centered Design, Programming


Usability Testing, Evaluation, Qualitative Analysis, Result Validation


Current Research Project

A Robot to Mediate Conflict in Children

At Robots in Groups Lab where I’ve been working for more than two years, we focus on “social and technical issues surrounding the placement of robots within groups and teams.” In this project, we aim to explore how a robot can help children and adults regulate their emotions and mediate conflicts.

I was involved with the study from May 2016. I helped design the protocol, recruit children ages 3 - 6 to participate, and was the primary robot-controller for the 50+ experiments. I’m currently working with my researcher to analyze the videos and develop the coding manual.

You can learn more about the project here.

*The full project description from the National Science Foundation can be found here.

"Everyone has a story to tell."

Savi Sharma


  • Yahoo User Study Project

    A more trustworthy desktop search engine

    This explorative project was part of my Master’s Program where my three-member team, led by Yahoo Inc., researched the factors that influence the perceived trustworthiness of search results and designed solutions to improve user experience.

    Learn more about the project here.

  • Random Hacks of Kindness

    A multi-platform rideshare service

    Caring is sharing. Inspired by the mission of Franziska Racker Centers to help people with disabilities, I led a team of 8 members in developing a rideshare service that utilizes text-messaging and web applications to find affordable and accessible transportation options.

    You can learn more about the project here or visit the hackathon website here.

  • Cornell FinTech Hackathon

    A mobile app to reduce food waste

    Understanding the gap between hunger and food waste, my team seeked to provide a mobile application, a food version of, to connect local businesses who have food surplus to customers who want delicious food for reduced prices.

    You can learn more about the project here or visit the hackathon website here.

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